Instant Cash

Cheque Cashing

If you don’t have a bank account Or IF you simply don’t want to wait for your own bank to cash it – then our cheque cashing service is for You!
Pay Cheques cashed instantly
Foreign Cheques accepted
Inland Revenue Cheques
All Types of Cheques considered
In fact any type of Cheque crossed A/C payee and non-negotiable – no problem

Please bring with you:

1. The Cheque
2. Proof that you are entitled to the Cheque
3. Picture I D, passport or driving licence
4. Three utility bills dated within the last 6 weeks as proof of address.
We ask you for sight of original documents.

We ask you to complete an application form, your permission for photo I D for future transactions, so they will be quicker and even easier.

Burial Loans


These loans are for the executors of a deceased’s Will to pay for funeral and related Estate costs.

We will provide a loan of this nature against a full legal undertaking of a solicitor or registered authority to repay us under the terms of the loan agreement.


Solicitor-Backed Loans

Solicitor Undertaking LOANS

We will make a loan against a Solicitor’s undertaking to fully repay us in accordance with the loan agreement terms.

Commercial Loans

What is a Commercial LOAN

Shops for Investment
Owner occupied premises for Business
Factories to Build
Warehouses, Rent or Sell
Land for Commercial use of any type meaning for business or trade.
Development of land for Houses/Flats.
House Building of any sort.
Buying and Selling of any product.
Raising money to support your business needs.

Suitable security will be required, which cannot include charges over your home.