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Business venture capital partners

Business Venture Capital Partners make venture capital investments in entrepreneurial and innovative companies, and are a Blackhawke member.
As well as backing start up and early stage businesses, they also invest in more established companies looking to use venture capital to build scale and momentum. All of the ventures we back have the potential to drive change and succeed in the global marketplace.



We have joined up with M & D SERVICES - Licence number (0438753)
who offer many other types of lending subject to due diligence and debt-counselling and advice in Bournemouth

Applicants will need a business plan or project summary, and should schedule a meeting
with us to discuss the requirements, timescales, and suitability for funding


(supported by Solutions Financial) - FCA Licence No (674317)

The above company offers many types of loans
We are pleased to be able to introduce many clients or their requests that are outside
of our criteria or ability to help
Their operation is supported by many years of experience in the Finance Industry


Those people that approach us directly in certain types of loan request will be referred to Rosswood Financial Services Limited - FCA Licence number (644601)

Those people that approach us directly in private mortgages will be referred to Ross Financial Services Limited - FCA Licence number (313753)



Our Partners